Your living room or office space is a reflection of your personality and style. The right furniture can elevate its appeal while ensuring comfort for everyone. The Alanis 5-Seater Wooden Sofa Set is designed to do just that.

Elegance and Comfort Combined: The Alanis 5-Seater Wooden Sofa Set

With its sleek design and comfortable seating, the Alanis 5-Seater Wooden Sofa Set strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. The carefully crafted wooden frame ensures durability, while the plush cushions provide a cozy seating experience.

Craftsmanship and Durability

Crafted by skilled artisans, this sofa set showcases exceptional craftsmanship. The high-quality wood used in its construction guarantees long-lasting durability, making it a wise investment for years to come.

Versatile Addition to Any Space

Whether you have a spacious living room or a cozy office, the Alanis 5-Seater Wooden Sofa Set seamlessly fits into any setting. Its versatile design and compact size make it an excellent choice for both large and small spaces.

Aesthetic Appeal: Walnut Finish

The Walnut Finish of the sofa set exudes a timeless charm that adds a touch of sophistication to your interior. The warm tones of walnut complement various color palettes, making it easy to integrate this furniture into your existing decor.

Spacious and Inviting

Featuring a 5-seater arrangement, this sofa set offers ample seating for your family and guests. The well-padded cushions and ergonomic design ensure that your loved ones can enjoy hours of comfort and relaxation.

Ideal for Home and Office

Whether you’re upgrading your home or enhancing your office environment, the Alanis 5-Seater Wooden Sofa Set is a versatile choice. It creates an inviting space for meetings and conversations, making it ideal for professional settings as well.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining the beauty of your sofa set is hassle-free. The smooth wooden surface can be easily wiped clean, and the cushion covers are removable and machine washable, ensuring that your furniture stays looking new.

Assembly Made Simple

Worried about assembling your new sofa set? Don’t be! The Alanis 5-Seater Wooden Sofa Set comes with easy-to-follow instructions, making the assembly process a breeze.

Customizable Cushions for Personal Touch

Personalize your seating experience by choosing cushions that match your style. Whether you prefer vibrant colors or subtle shades, the customizability of the cushions lets you create a unique look for your sofa set.

Affordability and Value

Investing in high-quality furniture doesn’t have to break the bank. The Alanis 5-Seater Wooden Sofa Set offers affordability without compromising on quality or style, providing exceptional value for your money.

Customer Reviews: What People Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Our satisfied customers have shared their positive experiences with the Alanis 5-Seater Wooden Sofa Set. They praise its comfort, durability, and how it has elevated the aesthetic of their living spaces.

Why Choose Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture offers a timeless appeal that never goes out of style. Its durability, versatility, and ability to age gracefully make it a preferred choice for those seeking both aesthetics and functionality.

Caring for Your Wooden Sofa Set

To ensure your sofa set stays in pristine condition, follow these simple care tips: avoid placing it in direct sunlight, clean spills promptly, and periodically apply wood polish to maintain its luster.


Upgrade your living room or office with the Alanis 5-Seater Wooden Sofa Set in Walnut Finish. This furniture piece combines elegance, comfort, and durability, making it an ideal addition to any space. Experience the joy of cozy seating and elevated aesthetics today.


  1. Is the sofa set available in other finishes? Currently, the Alanis 5-Seater Wooden Sofa Set is available only in the Walnut Finish.
  2. Can I purchase additional cushions? Yes, you can purchase extra cushions to change the look of your sofa set whenever you like.
  3. What is the recommended cleaning routine? Simply wipe the wooden frame with a soft cloth and vacuum or wash the cushion covers as needed.
  4. Is assembly required? Yes, assembly is required, but it’s a straightforward process with detailed instructions provided.
  5. Does the sofa come with a warranty? The sofa set comes with a standard warranty against manufacturing defects. Please check the terms and conditions for more details.

Price: ₹80,000 - ₹25,999.00
(as of Aug 19,2023 06:23:04 UTC – Details)