DMR 46-1218 Single Tub Washing Machine with Steel Dryer Basket – Blue


Price: ₹7,999.00 - ₹6,099.00
(as of Jul 05,2022 13:05:00 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer


DMR 46 – 1218 Semi-Automatic 4.6 Kgs Mini Washing Machine has been designed to give efficient washing performance using less water and power. With the total washing capacity of 4.6 Kgs, DMR 46 – 1218 enables you inconveniently washing approximately 8-9 clothes without any hassles. It uses a Copper Motor that is powerful and durable which adds to the highly efficient performance of this semi-automatic washing machine. Furthermore, it gives optimum washing performance to your lightly soiled clothes. Thanks to the 15 Minutes Wash Time and 6 Minutes Spin Time. Also, this mini washing machine is made up of the high-grade plastic body, making it very light weight and rust and corrosion free.


DMR 46 – 1218 Semi-Automatic 4.6 Kgs Mini Washing Machine carries a very compact design. It can fit easily in smaller spaces and is very easy to move and carry from one place to another. This single tub semi-automatic, top load washing machine is portable in nature and takes up little space on the floor.


DMR 46 – 1218 Semi-Automatic 4.6 Kgs Mini Washing Machine comes with 2 ergonomic Knobs, one is for wash and spin selector and the other one is for wash and spin timer. The knobs can conveniently perform both the clockwise and anti-clockwise washing modes.


DMR 46-1298S 4.6 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine comes with a semi –transparent lid that gives you an option to keep an eye on your laundry while managing your other work. This semi-transparent lid allows you to monitor the process of washing.


This semi-automatic washing machine from DMR has been designed to give optimum washing performance in very less time. That signifies that with this Mini Washing Machine you do not have to bother about heavy electricity bills. It also results in less water consumption as it consumes only 240 Watts of power.


DMR 46 – 1218 Semi-Automatic 4.6 kgs Mini Washing Machine is made up of a high-quality plastic body. This high-grade plastic makes keeps this washing machine protected from rust and corrosion. This high-grade plastic is durable and non-breakable. It also provides a smooth surface to the washing machine’s body, which helps you in its convenient cleaning. It also adds to the stylish looks of the washing machine.


DMR 46 – 1218 Semi-Automatic 4.6 kgs Mini Washing Machine uses the Clock Wise and Anti-Clock Wise Washing Cycle in order to give you pleasant washing experience. It moves your clothes back and forth, giving efficient elimination of the stubborn dirt from every area of the clothes. Apart from this, it also helps the washed clothes rinse properly and eliminates the detergent residue, giving complete washing treatment to the clothes.

Washing Capacity 4.6 Kg Spin Capacity 2.0 Kg (Single Tub with Dryer Baske – Dryer Efficiency 60-80%)t), Dimensions – 42 Cm X 45 Cm X 66 Cm Actual Weight – 9kg
Wash and Spin Power – 240 W
1 Year Free Spare Supply Warranty