When it comes to convenience and efficiency in the kitchen, the Wipro Vesta Electric Kettle stands out as a reliable and versatile appliance. Designed to simplify your daily routine, this stainless steel kettle offers a range of features that make boiling water a breeze. From its sleek design to its advanced safety mechanisms, the Wipro Vesta Electric Kettle is an essential addition to any modern household.

1.5 L Capacity for Ample Hot Water

With a generous 1.5-liter capacity, the Wipro Vesta Electric Kettle ensures that you have ample hot water for all your needs. Whether you’re brewing a pot of tea for the whole family or preparing hot water for cooking, this kettle has you covered. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple boiling cycles and enjoy the convenience of a larger capacity kettle.

Powerful 1500W Heating Element

Equipped with a powerful 1500W heating element, the Wipro Vesta Electric Kettle quickly brings water to a boil. No more waiting around for your water to heat up—this kettle efficiently delivers hot water in a matter of minutes. Whether you need boiling water for your morning coffee or instant noodles, the Wipro Vesta Electric Kettle saves you valuable time and energy.

Auto Shut-Off and Boil Dry Protection

Safety is a top priority when it comes to kitchen appliances, and the Wipro Vesta Electric Kettle doesn’t disappoint. It features an auto shut-off function that automatically turns off the kettle once the water reaches boiling point. This prevents any accidents or overheating. Additionally, the boil dry protection ensures that the kettle switches off if there’s insufficient water, protecting the kettle from damage. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your safety is prioritized.

360° Rotating Base for Easy Handling

The Wipro Vesta Electric Kettle comes with a 360° rotating base, making it incredibly easy to handle. Whether you’re a right-handed or left-handed user, you can effortlessly lift and pour hot water from any angle. The detachable base also allows for cord-free serving, making it convenient to carry the kettle around without any tangled cords. Experience hassle-free pouring and serving with this user-friendly feature.

Single Touch Lid Locking Mechanism

Say goodbye to spills and splatters with the single touch lid locking mechanism of the Wipro Vesta Electric Kettle. The lid securely locks in place with a simple touch, preventing any accidental spills while the water is boiling. This feature ensures maximum safety and convenience, allowing you to confidently use the kettle without worrying about any mishaps.

Stylish Design in White Stainless Steel

The Wipro Vesta Electric Kettle features a sleek and stylish design in white stainless steel. Its modern aesthetic effortlessly blends with any kitchen decor, adding a touch of elegance to your countertop. The durable stainless steel construction not only enhances the kettle’s durability but also makes it easy to clean and maintain. Elevate the look of your kitchen with this sophisticated and functional appliance.

Simplify Your Life with Wipro Vesta

The Wipro Vesta Electric Kettle is more than just a kitchen appliance—it’s a tool designed to simplify your life. From its large capacity and powerful heating element to its advanced safety features and user-friendly design, this kettle takes the hassle out of boiling water. Whether you need hot water for beverages, cooking, or any other purpose, the Wipro Vesta Electric Kettle delivers convenience and efficiency with every use.

Embrace the Wipro Vesta Experience

Experience the joy of effortless boiling and enjoy the convenience of the Wipro Vesta Electric Kettle. With its impressive features, including the 1.5 L capacity, powerful 1500W heating element, auto shut-off and boil dry protection, 360° rotating base, and single touch lid locking mechanism, this kettle is the perfect companion for your everyday brewing needs. Make your life easier and more efficient with the Wipro Vesta Electric Kettle.

Price: ₹2,390 - ₹1,599.00
(as of Jun 24,2023 12:59:39 UTC – Details)

Wipro Vesta Electric Kettle with its 1.5L capacity and 15W power
36° swivel technology makes pouring and serving easy
Boils water for tea, coffee, or instant soup within minutes & serve 3-4 people at a time
Autocut protection to prevent overheating and Heat Resistant handle
With 3 Great Features – i)Automatic Cutoff ii) 36 Degree Swivel Base iii)Single Touch lid locking
Troubleshooting guidelines: i)Never operate the appliance empty ii) Never lift the kettle from the base when the unit is in operation.